Google Analytics Essay

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A. What type of opinion did the auditors issue on Google’s financial statements for 2007? What is the date of the audit opinion? Explain why the opinion date is different than the date of the financial statements.
Ernst & Young provides an unqualified opinion following their review of Google’s financial statements. They state that Google has performed effective internal control over their financial reporting, but they do go onto state that they changed their accounting methods in previous years as a note. The date of the audit, February 14th, is later than the issuance of the statements, January 31st, because the auditors must wait for the statements to be finalized before performing their review. It’s standard protocol
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Take for example Facebook who recently chose not to issue earnings guidance on their first earnings call which, specutively speaking, could illustrate the social media market is still an unknown of how to monetize it with the rapid changes in technology and social media market trends.
D. Security or financial analysts employed at brokerage houses are typically assigned to follow particular firms within an industry. i. Explain briefly what security analysts do
Security/financial analyst is a financial professional that studies various industries and companies providing financial research and valuation reports for investment decision making. Their recommendations are for investors of whether to buy, hold or sell through investment decisions. ii. What information do analysts typically include in their reports? How might this information effect investor’s decisions?
Information in the report can range from managerial effectiveness to future earnings of the company to their ratings of various firms but it’s generally an unbiased opinion. Investors leverage this information in their decision to invest or not/buy or sell as well as for comparative purposes within an industry. It’s important to remember though that most analyst work for a brokerage house and

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