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The four Internet giants: Competition and antitrust regulation

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The Economist (2012) describes many rivalries between the giants indicating increased competition but also states “no one looks likely to win quickly” (p. 1). The question arises whether one of these Internet giants is dominating the market by their large market share or if the market share of all four giants is preventing new companies to enter this market.

This paper investigates whether Google, Facebook, or Apple breach antitrust regulations. The first section will describe the market structure in the Internet market and will introduce the competitive model of Pearson (2009). Second, the market position of Google is discussed and a discussion whether Google is breaching anti trust regulation regarding the fact that Google has used his predominant position to minimize competition. The next section discusses Facebook in the Internet market and focuses on whether it is breaking antitrust regulations by eliminating most competition in the social networking market. The following section discusses Amazon and whether it is breaking antitrust regulations while focusing on the e-book market. The fifth section will discuss the market position of Apple and whether Apple is breaking antitrust regulations by excluding other software from its computer software that is used on all Apple’s appliances. Finally, the paper concludes whether one of

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