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Integrated Risk Management Process









Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP) is done to enable improvements and reforms in the way the Fire and Rescue Service works. The different departments do this planning to achieve the significant reduction in the fire deaths and deliberate fires. They have the freedoms to evaluate risk to communities – risk to life, the economy, heritage and the environment, and they may use their resources more flexibly in order to prevent, protect and prepare for the response measures so that they can meet these challenges and are able to deliver better outcomes for
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Some of the main highlights to be followed by the plan are: * The plan must define the Government’s expectations from the Fire and Rescue Service; * Details of the support of the Government for meeting their objectives. * The plan must specify the details of the two fire indicators to measure local government performance as agreed as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review, which are NI 33 – Arson Incidents (deliberate fires) and NI 49 – Number of primary fires and related fatalities and nonfatal casualties * Equality and Diversity is another key priority within the Framework to ensure an efficient and effective balance in their recruitment and deployment of a retained and whole time workforce. * The guidelines recommends the plan to be organised in four key themes: * Prevention, Protection and Response. * Resilience. * Diversity and Workforce. * Governance and Improvement

Some of the key points of the plan are: a. The Secretary of State must prepare the plan b. He/she must consult with representatives of Fire and Rescue Authorities and their employees before making significant changes to the Framework c. He/she must bring the Framework and any significant revisions to it, into effect by statutory instrument subject to annulment in either of the Houses of parliament d. The fire and Rescue Authorities must have regard to the

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