Essay on Good Writing Skills And Bad Writing

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Good writing skills are another form of good communication ( and essential for communicating any ideas and stories clearly and effectively. When writing we are given the opportunity to reveal information whether fictional or not. Good writing is like painting a picture. The clearer the image of a painting the better we see what is going on in it. Our job when writing is to paint a clear enough picture in the readers mind so they can understand the contents by which you write about. Therefore, they can imagine without doubt and leave nothing implied or to chance. The author is the illustrator and his or her canvas is the paper or computer monitor. The better I write the more the reader understands. The more the reader understands the less they question the subject material. Good writing is the basis for academic achievement and bad writing inevitably affects the author 's credibility while taking the chance of wasting the readers ' time. Good writing is not just good copy. It starts with grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Without a solid grip in all of these areas, your content can be confusing and unreadable. (Scocco) One way to achieve proficiency at writing is in learning to write a good essay. For starters, pick a subject that is interesting to you. The more it interests you the better research you will conduct. It is not as much as being knowledgeable about the subject as it is to research the subject. Good research leads…

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