Essay on Good Will Hunting

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This movie is based on the character Will Hunting who works at MIT, a prestigious University, as a janitor. He endured an extremely rough childhood as an orphan. Whilst working one day Will stops and puzzles out a math problem written on a blackboard that had been left for the graduate students to solve, but none could accomplish it. upon seeing this Professor Lambeau discovers Will’s limitless intelligence and decides to bail him out of jail for his crime of assault, on the terms that he will meet with him once a week to study maths, and meet with a therapist once a week. He is reluctant to see a therapists, but he out plays and outwits five, who quit as they can’t handle him tearing their lives apart and
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Despite his superior intellect he is also beset with confusion and anger due to his abusive and violent childhood. The following quote portrays the opinion Sean Maguire has of him. “I look at you, I don’t see an intelligent confident man, I see a cocky, scared shitless kid. But you’re a genius Will nobody denies that, no one could possibly understand the depths of you, but you presume to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine an ripped my fucking life apart.” He is afraid of even the slightest depths of intimacy. This is portrayed when he postpones calling up a girl that he met at the pub, as the relationship he experienced with her was so perfect the first time they met. He fears that if he meets her again that he may find out that she is not perfect. He lived an adolescence life of low expectations which also makes it hard for him to trust anyone, he is afraid of entering a relationship and then been hurt by the loss of what could have been. As the movie concludes he comes to the realisation that it is not his fault, and believes in himself to take the risks he never would.
Another major character in the movie Good Will Hunting is Sean Maguire the phyciatrist. Sean is portrayed to be the only character that can dictate terms with Will. Like Will he is extremely intelligent, however his wisdom and actual life experiences and the ability to and admit his weaknesses are the defining

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