Good Vs. Evil In Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight (2008) is the second of the three movies in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy. The first movie being Batman Begins (2005), and the most recent movie being The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The trilogy follows the story of a young Bruce Wayne up to the developed Batman we know today. Nolan 's outstanding creativity allowed him to take a completely different view on what was once just a children 's comic book. Also, the performances of all the actors were spectacular, but the role that Heath Ledger played as the Joker is one that will never be forgotten. The film was one that will never be forgotten because of the incomparable performance from Heath Ledger as the Joker, and the true sense of good versus evil.
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evil, there is one scene in particular in which good and evil are put to the test. Toward the end of the movie the city is being evacuated by boat, criminals from the prison on one boat and ordinary citizens on another. Watching from the top of a nearby building, the Joker speaks through a microphone that goes through the speakers on both boats. He tells the passengers that there are detonators on each boat, and if one is triggered the other boat is blown up, and tops it off by saying that if neither boat makes a decision by 12 midnight, both boats will be blown into the air. Knowing that one boat has good citizens and one boat has bad criminals, the viewer would assume by previous good vs. evil situations that the boat full of criminals wouldn’t even hesitate to blow up the boat of ordinary people, but that’s not the case. In fact, the ordinary good people immediately try to blow up the criminals because due to their previous actions they “deserved to die”, but that didn’t happen either. Both boats waited until midnight without blowing one or the other up, symbolizing that no matter how good or evil people are, that good proves to prevail.
The Dark Knight was one of the best movies of the decade due to Nolan’s epic twist on the comic version of the story, the phenomenal acting performance from Ledger, and the true showing of good proving to overcome bad. Of the three movies in the trilogy, The Dark Knight wins in most viewers’ eyes for best overall film. The film is an absolute must see for not only Batman fans, but for anyone that wants to see an action packed twist on a great

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