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Ethics and Social Responsibility
Robert Blad
May 8th, 2014
Instructor Dial

Ethics and Social Responsibility
There are vast amounts of companies that have been accused of doing something that is deemed unethical or not follow a certain social responsibility. However, as people can we really expect a fortune 500 company to maintain itself with so many rules, regulations, and changing variables? The answer is yes; if they are willing to follow a strict strategic management scope that allows them to stand their ground and build a foundation that others are able to honor at the same time. Throughout, we will talk about ethics and social responsibility and how it ties to strategic management.
The Strategic Plan
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When it comes to the stakeholders involvement there should be numerous talks about what they find to be ethical to clear up any confusion which way the company is going. There needs to be strict rules on the ethics that a company shares and the stakeholders themselves. Interviewing stakeholders could be a great thing to do to get a spectrum on what they are involved in and how they can help the company further. Communication will lead them to success.
Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is very similar to ethics but more of a broad range because this is every changing and a company that does not maintain what is happening in the world they will not likely survive. The aspect of being responsible understands that they should do right in face of stupidity and greed at all times putting first the people who work for them and the people they could potentially harm (Huffington Post, 2014). With great power comes great responsibility. The understanding that making a few extra dollars at the expense of others is horrendous in nature but as most of us know every man has a price. It’s unfortunate but it can be tamed with the notion that others come first and do right which will pay bigger dividends in the long run than those short comings.
Barrick Gold Corporation
This is a Toronto based mining company that spends most of its time in Australia mining for gold. However, in order for them to keep their

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