Good Shepherds Services Is A Voluntary Leading Youth Development, Education And Family Service Agency

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Good Shepherds Services is a voluntary leading youth development, education and family service agency with more than 80 programs that serve 26,000 children, youth and families each year. This agency gives vulnerable youth in New York City the opportunity to make a difference and take ownership of their future. “ Good Shepherd Services goes where children, youth, and families face the greatest challenges and builds on their strengths to help them gain skills for success. They provide quality, effective services that deepen connections between family members, within schools, and among neighbors. They work closely with community leaders to advocate, both locally and nationally, on behalf of the participants to make New York City a better place to live and work.” My field placement is in the Bronx location off of Fordham Road. It is considered the Neighborhood Empowerment Center. It is a voluntary preventive service agency in the Bronx that provides family group and individual counseling, advocacy, and referral to other services. This agency also attempts to seize the need of foster care placement and help avoid incidents of child abuse as well as neglect. My role as a case planner is to help families stay together and help to reunite them. This is done by the provision of referring to other organizations, which can provide assistance with education, medical, childcare, employment, nutrition, home making and other needs.

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