Case Study: The Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Staff

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1.Good Samaritan Hospital Medical staff bylaws
2. Purpose: The Good Samaritan Hospital medical staff bylaws was lastly revised on 2015. The main purpose of the medical staff is to provide the hospital service receive care at a level of the quality and efficiency consistent with generally accepted standards of care attainable within the hospital means and circumstances. Providing a leadership role in the hospital, organizing and supporting professional education and community health education with support service. Similarly, it also helps for initiating and maintaining rules for medical staff to carry out its responsibilities for the professional work performed in the hospital.
Responsibility: Some of the important responsibilities are to provide
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Medical staff members elect all the medical staff officers for the 2 year. Medical officers include chief of staff, governing body, medical executive committee, joint committee, and chairperson. Canidae should following requirement to be eligible for the post
- Be Active or Affiliate Medical Staff Members (and remain in good standing as Active or Affiliate Medical Staff Members while in office).
- Demonstrate clinical competence in their field of practice.
- Understand the purposes and functions of the Medical Staff and demonstrate willingness to assure that patient welfare takes precedence over other concerns.
- Have administrative ability applicable to the respective office.
- Understand and comply with Hospital and Medical Staff requirements.
- Be able to work with and motivate others to achieve Medical Staff and Hospital
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They are responsible for outlining the rules and regulation recommended by the governing body
- Ex- officio committee: This committee includes Chief of Staff, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or their respective designees, and the Physician Executive. They help in creating other committee in the hospital.
9. The credentialing committee does the credential verification process. This committee include the physician representative and hospital administration. The process is done according to the credential verification policy manual.
10. Hospital medical staff bylaws are very important for smooth operation of any health care organization. This help the governing board of a hospital to confer on the medical staff the power to set up a form of organization by which that staff can give assurance of quality hospital medical care (Taylor, nd). This assignment is helpful for me because it helps me to understand the formation process of hospital staff, their duties, requirement and the rules and regulation they need to follow while providing

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