Good Role Models In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare portrays many different personalities in diverse ways thus creating good characters and bad characters. 3 characters in this play that can be perceived as good role models include the Nurse, Benvolio, and Friar Lawrence. The nurse is caring, loving and trustworthy. Benvolio is kind hearted and non-violent. Friar Lawrence is intelligent, wise and like the nurse, trustworthy. Throughout this play, Shakespeare clearly demonstrates these personality traits through these three side characters. Either by helping Romeo and Juliet or by guiding them. Shakespeare created them with intention of making a fine line between good and bad characters.
The first good role model is the Nurse, Shakespeare made the Nurse
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His good personality traits include being trustworthy, wise and very intelligent. The Friar is older than many of the characters in the play, he knows more, has seen more and has learned more, and he uses this wisdom to the best of his ability. Such as in one case where he says, “In one respect I’ll thy assistant be: / For this alliance may so happy prove / To turn your household’ rancour to pure love”.(2.3.90-93) He has seen the quarrels between the families for much time and knows that if the ₂ households could be brought together, Verona would be a better town with great ties. He agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet , all risks accounted for, in hopes of creating peace within Verona , which clearly shows his wise personality trait. Similar to the Nurse, he is a trustworthy friend to Romeo and Juliet, he keeps the secrets of both characters and helps them through bad situations. In one situation, after Romeo is banished, he goes to Friar Lawrence and someone proceeds to knock on the door, the Friar warns Romeo, “Arise, one knocks. Good Romeo, hide thyself.” (3.3.71) then tells him, “Romeo, arise,/ thou wilt be taken”(3.3.74-75). Friar Lawrence decides that he will help Romeo keep safe even if it has consequences thus proving his trustworthiness by showing his devotion to Romeo. Furthermore, he also has a personality trait of Benvolio, which is intelligence. Shakespeare demonstrates the Friars intelligence through his way of getting to people, making them understand the circumstances and consequences. When Romeo went to him to hear the verdict of the prince , Romeo took banishment as death, thinking of the worst possible situations but the Friar informed him, “Thy fault our laws calls death, but the kind prince, / Takin thy part, hath rush’d aside the law, / And turn’d that black word ‘death’ to ‘banishment. / This is dear mercy, thou seest

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