Good Role Model at Work Essay

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Managing my work priorities and professional development requires me to act as a good role model who has the traits of an effective leader; ensure that my work goals and plans reflect the organisation’s goals and plans; meet my job responsibilities; measure and maintain my personal performance; priorities work; use technology to organise and manage my work; maintain a work/life balance; meet required competency standards; determine my developmental needs; take advantage of learning opportunities; gather feedback from others about my personal performance and use it to improve my competence; use networks to increase my knowledge, gain new skills and develop relationships, and to ensure that I acquired new skills to maintain my competitive …show more content…
How would I measure and maintain my personal performance?
To measure my personal performance, I would first develop criteria against which my performance can be mapped and evaluated. These criteria should relate to my job description, to team goals and to the objectives I set as part of my role expectations. The criteria should be set through agreement with management in the organisation. Continuous self-assessment enables people to determine how well they think they are performing, to measure their performance against the agreed and objective standards and to identify areas in need or improvement. Feedback from colleagues, management and other stakeholders also aids in ensuring that I can maintain personal performance in varying work conditions, work contexts and contingencies.
How would I prioritise work?
To prioritise work, I would start off by preparing a list of the tasks that I need to do. Second, I would determine the importance of each task by creating a list of questions to ask myself when deciding what I should be doing and when. Questions to ask might include what is the most important thing for me to be doing right now and what deadlines have I got etc. At the start of the day, I would select the most important task to complete first, followed by identifying any other tasks that are important or have been

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