Good People By David Foster Wallace Essay

1492 Words Dec 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Pressure from Everywhere There are so many that love the person they are with, while other they do not know if they love that person they are with. Not only that, but who needs to love more than the other in a relationship. In the story “ Good People” by author David Foster Wallace he talks about a young highly devoted Christian couple that get news that one of them does not want to hear. This young couple is so in love until something unexpected happens. When Lane Dean Jr finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, he starts to question himself and if he truly love her, and what they should do with the baby. He also comes to question their beliefs as a Christian and what might happen. They do not know if this is what they want, they are both scared being so young. Lane is torn with his thoughts and the pressure he has. The pressure of what his standards are as a man and a Christian. So with all of this going through his head, he has to decide what he needs to do with everything going on around him and the expectations he has. With Lane not knowing what to do with his girlfriend being pregnant and not knowing how he truly feels towards her, he starts to question himself about his whole relationship with her and his feelings. This was all just coming to mind in this situation on what he feels “ He had liked just being with her and talking to her “ ( Wallace ). He is slowly coming to realization that he never really did love her or have true sentimental…

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