Good Ones And Bad Ones Essay

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He sounded a little reluctant at first, but then answered, "Agreed."

On the sofa, I had grabbed a throw pillow and begun to squeeze it. I was so nervous...

"I need to tell you about a certain kind of person," she began, "...and these kind of people you may know, and I want you to keep an eye out for them. There are certain kind of people who specialize in fooling others for their own personal gain, and they have no way of empathizing with other people."

He shuddered. "This is scary..."

"These people are called psychopaths. Now, this isn 't the way to find psychopaths, but all psychopaths are excellent liars. Do you know how to find an excellent liar?"


"This isn 't always a trait of excellent liars, but keep listening to me. There are two kinds of liars, good ones and bad ones. The good ones use lying as a lifestyle, and that 's why they 're so good at it, understand? Good liars lie even when they don 't have to lie. They make up stories to win personal victories, even when they don 't have to."

"W-What are you implying?" he asked, terrified.

"I 'm going to prove to you that your father is hiding something."

"Wait... excuse me... what? Are you accusing my father of-"

She interrupted him. "-Just... hear me out. Tomorrow, Sylvia has planned to run away."

"WHAT?" I demanded, a bit of anger welling up inside of me.

"...and the three of us know about it. She 's going to hide out in Tod 's old apartment for a few days, okay? Now, I want you to stay behind and…

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