Essay on Good Night Inn Case Analysis

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GoodNight Inn Case Analysis
MK610 Professor Hossasin
November 4, 2012
Tom Green, Angela Cosner, Ryan Williams, Ramakanth Desai, Todd Ricketts

Executive summary Anton Cahoon left a successful career in manufacturing to purchase an independent motel, near an interstate highway exit, a short distance from a rapidly expanding resort area. Mr. Cahoon relied only upon passersby as clientele with little other advertising. For the first two years operations went smoothly, however the Goodnight Inn had not become profitable. While occupancy rates stabilized near 55%, they were still well below the industry average of 68%. Anton had run his motel avoiding “unnecessary expenses”, and as a result had a 40% price advantage over
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While anyone staying should expect reasonably good service, the Goodnight Inn should attempt to set itself apart from the competition by providing an exceptionally high level of service. This will be done through the unrelenting pursuit of personal attention. At the Goodnight Inn all interactions with the customer will be with Anton & his wife, whom see it as their duty to make the customer feel at home. The feeling of personal attention or more accurately a sense of personal concern, really adds a positive dimension to the experience.

Marketing Strategy

Mission The mission of The Goodnight Inn is to provide the finest experience to attract and maintain customers. Their services should exceed the expectations of their customers.
Marketing Objectives • Maintain positive, steady growth each quarter. • Experience a growth in new customers who are turned into return customers. • Realize an increase in occupancy each subsequent year.
Financial Objectives • Increase the occupancy to 68% • Charge higher rate per room • Minimize the investments required
Target Marketing Customers can be broadly divided into two groups (please note that it is possible to divide the customers into much smaller groups, but we have chosen not to): • Weekend getaway customers: These

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