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Leadership A good leader is only as good as the qualities he possess, the advisors he surrounds himself with, and if he carries out his role properly. It is a leader’s role to benefit the people he is ruling; by making society a peaceful, organized, and flourishing place to lead a productive life. A good leader will consult and seek advice from his advisors, whose job it is to council the leader in matters concerning his leadership. During the Renaissance, in the fifteenth century, there were

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Raphael said, “Certainly a man who enjoys a life of luxury while everyone else is moaning and groaning round him can hardly be called a king.” More in reality had to deal with King Henry the eight who acted selfishly. King Henry wanted to divorce his wife Catherine so that he may have a legitimate male heir to the throne but the Pope denied his request. As a result, King Henry had parliament pass the Act of Supremacy which claimed the King was head of the church in England forming a new section of religion. More was strictly catholic and King Henry put More into a dilemma to choose between being loyal to his faith and being a loyal advisor to the king. More did not accept the oath to acknowledge Henry as head of the church and King Henry had More beheaded. This showed to what extent Henry’s selfishness went, killing one of his own best advisor. This illustrated bad leadership acting on behalf of selfish needs and was the very type of leadership More was trying to avoid. In More’s book Utopia such a thing would never happen. When Utopos first conquered Utopia he made a law of religious tolerance as it says “Immediately after his victory he made a law, by which everyone was free to practice what religion he liked, and to try to convert other people to his own faith, provided he did it quietly and politely, by rational argument. But, if he failed to convince them, he was not allowed to make bitter attacks on other religions, nor employ
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