Good Instruction The Classroom Environment Essay

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I was asked one time, if given a super teaching power what would it be? Instantly I replied telepathy, because if I could know the many needs of my students, I could design appropriate instruction that would best fit their needs. With proper instruction the classroom environment is supportive of diverse learners, students are actively engaged in the lesson, and students’ ideas are respected and explored. Without this great respect for learning, the students’ problem behaviors emerge and become part of a negative classroom environment. Good instruction begins with proper planning. Each lesson must be carefully thought-out to insure students acquire the necessary skills to move forward and build on the curriculum. Lessons must have a beginning, during and end goal, which utilizes various modes to deliver information to students. Once a lesson is properly planned the execution is the most difficult aspect of teaching. In order to have a classroom that is free of classroom disorder, off task behavior and disrespect, the teacher must set a tone that is caring, the lesson must be intriguing, and the students must feel a connection with the teacher. In one of my observations I observed the 10th grade Global History and Geography classroom in my school, which lacked many of the aspects described above. The classroom while equipped with a smart board and teacher laptop in the area of technology was in a state of disorder . Textbooks lay strewn across multiple desks. The…

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