Good Hair Day Patrice Says Essay

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In the short story Good Hair Day Patrice says, “If you shoot for the ideal and expect nothing less, you are setting yourself up for a very frustrating and bitter life.” In regards to relationships and life, I agree with this statement. At one point in our life, a majority of us hoped to meet and marry our ideal husband/wife and live the lifestyle we 've envisioned for ourselves. As important is to create and have those dreams and setting standards, it is also crucial to stay grounded and realistic. That doesn 't mean giving up on goals and the standards that you have set and settling for the very least in life; however, reflect upon those expectations and question if you’re expecting too much. It is critical for our well-being to accept the imperfections in life and be satisfied with the blessings received. For example, numerous times in a relationship a person can have unrealistically high expectation. Such as wanting the person to have a certain salary average, expecting an expensive gift, hoping for the first date, wedding or honeymoon to be a certain way, etc. If the person builds up their ideal too large, the disappointment of not having it exactly as they wanted will lead to unhappiness. Another example is regarding life; we may have wanted to be a judge, but only accomplished becoming a lawyer. The thought of only wanting that goal and taking no less will make you feel unsatisfied with the current position and began to hate the way life turned out. Through over…

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