Good Food Revolution Essay

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The definition of an America has been built around the concepts of life and liberty for every citizen since its development as an independent nation. Americans are given freedoms that protect us, freedoms that allow us to live in peace, freedoms which protect every citizen from outside oppression. Over the span of 300 years of existence as an independent, self-sustained nation, The United State of America has withstood political,social, economic and cultural endeavours and continue to represent ourselves as a free nation.
As North America was first discovered, thousands of settlers decided to make the journey across the Atlantic to come into this new territory. Soon, colonial America created social divides that were largely based on race. White people, mainly men, held the majority of the power, while black slaves were on the bottom. Women did not have a political voice or opinion that was respected. White men were allowed to vote, own land and own slaves, while black people would naturally fall under the category of a slave without rights.
After the The Articles of Confederation was created, problems began to arise, congress began secretly meeting to solve issues of the government. The group split
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The movement of the Good Food Revolution is a recent phenomenon, and Television series, that functions to fill the great divide between classes in the food we eat. As poverty has become an issue, people living in impoverished communities do not have the resources to eat an abundance of healthy foods thus stunting their ability to become role models to the future generation. Creating a healthy community starts by each and everyone of us advocating the importance of healthy meal choices. Together we can unite to volunteer and provide opportunities for poor people to buy vegetables and fruits and integrate them into their everyday lifestyles to live a happy and healthy

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