The Importance Of Cyberbullying In Schools

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Over the past decades, many schools around the country are having to frequently update their code of conduct to make schools able to comprehend or respond to different cases of cyberbullying. Usually once a case involving a cyberbullying happens a state would just pass a law telling schools how to act and take action against a case. However, due to this it is basically the state just telling the school to deal with the problem themselves. Though that tactic may be good for a short while since they are given a guideline on how to deal with the matter, except that after long period of time passes it can be rendered either unhelpful or useless in future cases since it will only do good for some cases but not all of them especially if the case were to involve the school not being able to do something simply because it was not in the guidelines. It is because of the guidelines the school must follow that the schools around the country are being sued left and right simply because the school had stepped in when it was not necessary or because it did not step in when it actually necessary. Although, most states require schools to teach students about cyberbullying and how harmful it can be and to also teach student how to be safe while browsing on the internet. However, it does not really …show more content…
If the code were to get changed it should include a code which a should not suspend a student since it could make it worse for the victim since bully can get worse since they now know who got them in trouble. Instead the bully should be expelled from the school while if other individuals are also involved then those individuals deserve to be suspended for a couple of days. Another code that should be add is that if a student were to be bullied the school should then have a conference with both the victim and bully to figure out what is going

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