Good Country People By Flannery O ' Connor Triad Essay

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Often times realities become too harsh to a point that people try to escape from their realities to find a comfort place, such as a "secret garden" or by falling into a rabbit hole to Alice 's Wonderland. Similarly in Flannery O ' Connor triad of short stories, " Good Country People", “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” and “Everything that Rises Must Converge , Connor uses characterization, ironic tone, and setting to show that escaping from life consequences has dangerous consequences, both physically and psychologically. In similar ways each protagonist believes that they are superior to others, this characteristic obstructs any sensible commitment with reality. In "“Good Country People” , Joy (Hulga) believes that she is intellectually superior to everyone including her own mother, the maid, and the local townspeople. Even though Hulga has a Ph. D. in Philosophy, her philosophy in life is pitiable she believes "in nothing or the, but her own belief in nothing" . Hulga was taken advantage of eve though she believed she was intelligent and that no one could outsmart her, she even looked at "nice young men as if she could smell their stupidity". (437) In "“Everything that Rises Must Converge", Julian ' mother believes that the African American that were slaves in her generation will have no social significance in the next generation. If it were for her she would prefer that the African Americans were still slaves, " It 's ridiculous. It 's simply not realistic. They should…

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