Good Choices In Society's Society Vs. Utopian Society

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Utopias are one of the worst things invented. That is why Our society is better than the utopian society. Our society gets to make choices for things that are important. In our society there are lots of good memories and bad, though the good memories are so good and fun that it’s worth having some bad memories like pain. Jonas thinks everyone needs to be able to care.

Our society gets to make choices for things that are important. For example jonas says in the utopia “ everything's the same, then there aren't any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!”In our society there are choices to make like when someone gets up in the morning they get to pick what to eat and what to wear. In the utopian society they don’t get
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In the utopian society they never even get to pick their own jobs that’s a big choice they do their jobs for pretty much their whole life and they let some elders who they barely even know pick the job for the rest of their lives. They also have very harsh rules if someone does a few foolish things they could get released for making some not smart choices. Furthermore, they can never choose to leave the community they always have to stay there wondering what is outside of their community. Furthermore jonas said“It’s just that without all the memories it’s all meaningless” in the utopia. Jonas thought that without the memories life is just meaningless if they don’t have all the memories he thought it’s not worth living without memories. Someone can’t even make their own decisions without memories because their memories are what helps them make decisions someone makes …show more content…
It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” Happiness is one of the best memories. Memories are meant to be had with people having good and bad experiences together not to never be able to feel any emotion people need emotion in their life. In their society they chose not to have memories, but they are all missing out on so much they didn’t trust their community to make good choices, but with emotions comes good and bad choices also the feeling of doing something wrong. I don’t think the community should hold something like memories from their community. Furthermore “of course they needed to care it was the meaning of everything”no one cared in utopia. In our society, people get the chance to care about things and caring is important. In the giver they don’t even know what caring is like they should be able to care if a nurturer releases someone. Furthermore the elders think the community will fall aprt“With memories the community won’t work there won’t be a perfect community anymore”.The community needs to realize that memories are more important to have then the community being perfect. Those people need the memories and it’s not fair to keep something big from all of those

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