Essay on Good And Evil Is Not Relevant Today 's Society

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The concept of good and evil is not relevant in today’s society. We see thinks as a grey scale vs. black and white. But to suggest that we are the first era to do this is naïve. When we often look back to ancient literature and see it as derivative and only speaking about right and wrong. But I would argue the mindset of the past generations is in fact very close to our own mindset. Good and Evil are relative terms. We determine what is good and what is evil through the perspective of ourselves. True good and true evil don’t actually exist. Every moral is just an extension of our brain. If we didn’t roam the earth the earth would not have these morals that we stand by today. We create our own morals through our personalities and cultures. Everything about ethics and morals can boil down to the context of the beholder.
Good and evil concepts are mostly defined in fiction. I feel that good and evil are falsified in children stories and create this sense of black and white moral truths instead of examining underlying behaviors and motives. Because of good and evil being so relevant in fiction it is easy so be coerced into believing it is relevant in actually society. People from the past probably didn’t see morals as black and white as we believe they did. If we look at the Odyssey we can see that characters didn’t rely on morals but more on following orders. We are naive to think good and evil existed in the past. If we look at Hector form the Odyssey, he did…

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