Essay on Good And Bad Of Love

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Duffy presents her idea of good and bad of love by relating it to a Greek mythology. On the other hand Rossetti and Armitage presents their idea of good and bad of love by putting in language features such as personification, metaphors, enjambment and alliteration.
One of the many ways that Duffy presents the bad ideas of love in ‘Hour’ is when she refers back to ‘Midas’s light’– one of the Greek mythologies. This shows that Duffy is trying to express that love isn’t all that good as Midas had turned his daughter into gold, leaving him being alone. The Greek mythology suggests that human nature can be greedy and until something is lost or gone would they realise what they have done wrong. Duffy’s idea of love is that it just is a temporary feeling and most of the time it’s an illusion. This also suggests that Duffy knows that her relationship with her lover may not stay the same. The structure of the poem is that there isn’t any pattern to the syllables in each line. Some of the rhymes are half rhymes and this shows how Duffy’s feels about love, that it can be rough at times. Duffy also presents her idea of bad love by going against the rule of sonnet by not structuring each line using ten syllables and she does this to show that love isn’t perfect all the time.
Similarly, Rossetti presents her idea of bad love in ‘Sister Maude’ as she shows the emotions of the people around the couple as jealousy. ‘You might have spared his soul, sister … He’d never have looked at you.’…

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