Gongcha Marketing Research Essay

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Problem 1: Evaluate the current position of Gong Cha
A. Exploratory Research
To formulate problems and find out the key attributes in customers’ point of view which influence the preference for Taiwanese beverages mostly, we have to conduct exploratory research to know more about consumers’ views on Gong Cha’s current image. At the end of the exploratory research, we would like to formulate hypothesis on how the most significant attribute and customers’ tendency to make a purchase are related, based on consumers’ perceptions and opinions towards Gong Cha.
B. Data Collection Method
We have recruited suitable respondents and run several focus groups with them to hold discussions about their views on Gong Cha’s current brand image. One of
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What is your comment on Gong Cha’s current brand image?
4. What are the existing problems for Gong Cha?
5. What can Gong Cha do to improve?
6. Which are the special attributes provided by Gong Cha?
7. Could Gong Cha achieve its motto to be high quality, achieve customer satisfaction and be innovative?
Analysis and results
Frequency Senior Secondary students Mostly once every week and once every two weeks University Students Mostly every 2 weeks and every month Fresh Graduates Mostly every 2 weeks and every 1-2 months
Generally, secondary students purchase Taiwanese beverages more than University students and fresh graduates.
Promotion Gong Cha Other Brands Some say that there is not enough promotion, which can attract more customers. Not mention.
Overall, we have concluded that there are 6 attributes closely related to the customers’ tendency to make a purchase. All of the three focus groups have similar comments on these 6 attributes.
Price Gong Cha Other Brands Most of them are actually satisfied with the price. They are willing to pay at around $12-15 at Gong Cha’s current selling price range.
Price is more reasonable and cheaper than other brands as the volume per cup is very large. Some offer a lower price than Gong Cha but they interpret it as a trade-off of the quality.
Variety Gong Cha Other Brands The variety provided is not

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