Gone With The Wind And The American Civil War Analysis

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“Gone with the wind” and the American Civil War are a movie and a historical event which complements each other effectively. I was expecting a great analysis, however as I was reading through the paragraph composition, I found was quite confused in the flow of his paragraph. The sentences seemed fragmented and were not complete. For example, “Rhett now in jail with his foreign bank accounts all blocked, her attempt to get his money has been in vain.” This does not constitute a proper sentence; it is if two simple sentences has been brought together by a comma and the words are in the wrong order, disrupting the flow. Instead it could have been written as “Since Rhett is now in jail, this caused his foreign bank accounts to be closed. Thus [her] …show more content…
I understand that the audience would be film critics and the setting as the American Civil War. The purpose; to be the human emotion during war to violence, incorporated through the use of film and the directors used analysed to show their rhetorical appeals in film. However, I feel like the composition is lacking a certain focal point that could elevate the piece to a more effective paragraph, where the audience would be immersed and genuinely swayed by the writing. As the grammar and word problems also cause the piece not to be as effective, I have given comments to improve the paragraph writing by focusing on one point of the war and movie to create a better idea, rather than a “plot summary” which can be easily done and thus create more effective rhetoric appeals to the audience. The flow of the paragraph could have been improved by not such “bulky” quotes, but rather quotes that could be implemented to create a nice transition between film and actual history. This has been an enjoyable task that has made me think outside of normal thought process. As a medical science student I am more focused on the facts and the straightforwardness of aspects of writing, but learning about how different people, from different cultures can analyse a film and then make their new paragraph has been eye-opening for me, as there is more than one way to incorporate ideas into a piece of

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