Gone Girl Synopsis

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Most of my book selections occur by seeing some riveting movie trailer, and then hearing, “based on the best-selling novel….” and Gone Girl was no exception. After seeing the movie trailer, I borrowed the book, on audio, for my daily work commute. I actually prefer audio books since the book is read with the emotions that were originally intended by the author, which allows for a much clearer picture of the book. Gone Girl is an engrossing, best-selling novel that captures a myriad of emotions, gripping the reader to the very end, making it an irresistible read. The book by Gillian Flynn, turned movie, is a suspense-thriller, broken into three parts, over 395 pages. Each part is narrated as a timeline and recounts the days leading up to and after Amy Elliot-Dunne, wife of Nick Dunne, mysteriously goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. Nick and Amy Dunne take turns sharing their side of the story, Nick through present eyes and Amy through a diary she kept for the past seven years. It is apparent from the beginning of the book that something is terribly …show more content…
By this point, the question shifts from who did it and why, to what exactly does “Gone” mean in the title anyhow? Ms. Flynn has now clearly laid out her two main characters and their mental shortcomings. As the book comes to a close (again, slowly), she brings forth new feelings and emotions to the reader; shock, horror, and dismay at how this story ends. Yet somehow, with that wide array of emotions, the back and forth game she plays, she still manages to pull off complete satisfaction. Ms. Flynn packages and finally wraps this book up with what I would consider to be a big red bow, the kind you would find on a car in your drive way on Christmas morning. She has taken the reader on a ride in a brand new little sports that has explored many avenues of a couples rise, downfall, and return to some form of

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