Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn Essay

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Gone Girl is a crime-drama film that premiered in 2014 based on a novel by Gillian Flynn. The movie begins with Nick Dunne, the husband of Amy Dunne sitting at the bar that he and his sister own. The two are talking about how it is his and Amy’s five-year anniversary and complaining that his past with Amy was a lot better than their relationship currently is. As Nick arrives home, a messy sight greets him within his house; there are signs of torture and Amy is nowhere to be found. The police start to investigate Amy’s disappearance and as times goes on, all the clues begin to lead to her husband. Even though his wife is deemed missing, Nick continues his affair. The affair has been going on for over a year, with his girlfriend who is in her 20’s and who also happens to be his student. We soon find out that Amy has planned to runaway. Amy wants it to look as though she is actually missing or dead, and that her husband is to blame.
Instead of allowing Amy to be labeled as a “crazy” woman and wife, my purpose will be to analyze the film in such a way that looks at the environment the she is living in and how those environmental factors could have caused Amy to do what she did. I will look at how residual rules are placed upon people, in this case Amy. She was expected to behave a certain way, to the point that any other behaviour that does not comply with residual rules put her sanity into question. I will discuss how perceived emotional support and social support in general,…

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