Golf and Permanent Time Holders Essay

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Case Study Findings

Exercise 1:
Based on the following information, what are your conclusions regarding?

* Is the market over or undersupplied? * Undersupplied * If so, by how much? * Within 10 minutes there’s 5,004 people per 18 holes * Within 20 minutes there’s 4,818 people per 18 holes * Within 30 minutes there’s 3,814 people per 18 holes * Are the age, income, ethnicity, and population density conducive to golf? * Yes, the area that the course is located at yields a high income average compared to the U.S. average. * 73.4% of the population that play golf are Caucasian within 10 minutes. Only increases to 77.7% within 20 minutes * I feel we are at a disadvantage though because the average
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Some high end products that we don’t sell much of and should consider cutting stock (except special orders) are: Ping, Taylor Made and Cleveland. There are few orders for those products and the income margins are not high enough.

Reservations by Booking Method * According to the charts, 96.66% of our tee times over the last three years have been made at the StarterHut. Only 3,251 (3.17%) have been booked online and the rest are unaccounted for. With technology and the internet now days, it would greatly benefit us to set something up on our web site to book tee times. Or even branch out to GolfNow or any other agency to help book tee times. We have to provide our customers more options to book tee times.

Reservations by Day Of Week

Revenue Benchmarks * We are slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to the revenue benchmarks for green fees, cart fees and merchandise. However, our F&B and “other” category are suffering. In fact, the F&B category registers nothing on these charts. Again, if the F&B department can be improved, there is a lot more money to be made. As far the the golf, we would like to stay ahead of the curve. Rounds have dropped nearly 13,000 in one year from 64,175 in 2011 to 51,427 in 2012.

Revenue Per Available Tee Time

Revenue Per Department * Looking at the charts, the first thing that I think I would do is raise the rates from January-May. Those are our

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