Golden Retrievers

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“A man’s best friend”. Dogs and their quality of companionships have always been an important part of American Culture, and the inseparable bond between man and dog is commonly seen as a symbol of the American dream and lifestyle. As Jack Solomon writes in Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising; “American companies Manufacture status symbols because American consumers want them” (Solomon 403). Dogs were once seen as a status symbol in American society, and are now seen as a symbol of companionship and widely regarded as “a man’s best friend”. Animals and dogs, in particular, have a unique power to persuade consumers when used properly in advertising, and many companies take great advantage of this marketing tool. Chevrolet creates …show more content…
Chevrolet’s commercial, “Maddie”, emphasizes the use of animal companionship through their choice of dog breed, a golden retriever, which used to symbolize Chevy 's well-known reputation as a family car. Chevy takes advantage of the Golden Retriever’s reputation by making one the star of the Maddie Commercial. Chevy promotes their company through a heartfelt connection between a girl and her dog Maddie. Alluding to the idea that Chevy has similar qualities compared to Maddie and the company has always been there to protect the family in the advertisement. The comparison effectively promotes to the audience that like the Golden Retriever, Chevy will be there no matter what, and will protect their family because they sell lasting reliable products. Furthermore, Chevrolet uses the idea of picking the perfect puppy to fit into a family as a metaphor for picking the perfect car company. When the girl in “Maddie” picks her perfect new friend, Chevy strategically shows the car and company logo in the background. Then the quote “a best friend for life 's journey”(1:08-1:10) appeared on the screen while the girl and her family loaded into their Chevrolet car with their new chosen puppy. The commercial shows a lifetime of love and events the girl and Maddie have, and because the commercial starts off with a melancholy idea that she is having to put her beloved pup down and is remembering all the good times she had while they were together while placing subtle hints that Chevy was always there and will be there for her even after Maddie is gone. It was Chevy’s final push towards the idea that the company will be there for their customers through their unique journeys, just as Maddie was side by side with the

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