`` Golden Eyes `` And The Black Eyes And Her Hero, Bill, Over There

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It is not because of a masculine trait that makes a person powerful, but rather, it’s because of what they do that makes them powerful. In Nell Brinkley’s ‘‘“Golden Eyes” and her Hero, “Bill”, Over There ' and Charles Moulton’s Wonder Woman comics, both series consistently remind the reader that the protagonists, Golden Eyes and Wonder Woman, are still women underneath everything that they do. They are still beautiful women with feminine characteristics and they are never once mistaken or considered as a man. It is never implied that they are strong because they take on the image of a man, but rather, they are strong because they have chosen to stand up and fight for what is right. These women maintain their identities and, as a result, both Golden Eyes and Wonder Woman represent female empowerment and the strength of all women. Their sex is essential to their character and to what they are to represent. They are representational of the “New Woman”; a woman who rejected the traditional role for women and demanded that women were given the same opportunities and choices as men (Nelson 3). These women do not ask to be recognized as men but to be recognized as women who are just as capable as men and to stand equally with them. Golden Eyes and Wonder Woman assume main roles within their series as they break away from traditional submissive norms but also still retain their femininity and beauty. They stand side-by-side with the men in their comics and are an inspiration for…

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