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2013-2014 Guide to the Jewellery Market in India
December 2013

Equity Communications
Diamond Market Specialists

We use secondary data for our research. We mine raw data going back at least forty years in our analysis and this data and information is extremely useful in our work. These are some of the sources we mine: • • • • • • • • International statistics data provided by the OECD, IMF, various departments of the United Nations International statistics data provided by USA government departments such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Federal Reserve Banks International statistics data provided by EuroStat National statistics offices in China, Hong Kong, India, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Australia, UK
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For our purposes, we define precious jewellery as jewellery pieces made of gold, platinum or silver, in their pure form or combined with other lesser metals like copper. Such jewellery pieces can be in plain form or gemset precious jewellery. In the gemset category, this report provides extended study of polished diamonds consumption in India.

Acknowledgements and Disclaimers
2013 . 2014

Guide to the Jewellery Market in India is based on research by the Diamond Indus y Research Team at

Equity Communications: Tinashe Takafurna, Gerald Manyengavana, Musafiri Chisaka and Fred Divine.

Guide to the Jewellery Market in India is based on information available up to the end of October 2013 for

the most part.

Please Note
The views expressed herein are solely those of Equity Communications as of the date of this report and are subject to change without notice. Data Tables, Survey Results and Financials provided in this report are not intended, nor implied, to be a substitute for the professional advice you would receive from a qualified accountant, attorney or financial advisor. Always seek the advice of an accountant, attorney or financial advisor with any questions you may have regarding the decisions you undertake as a result of reviewing the information contained herein. Nothing in this report should be construed as either investment advice or legal

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