Gold Crown Ring Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to find out what material is the gold crown ring made out of. What is interesting about this topic is that there is a lot of ways to study the gold crown ring. For example, you can test the mass, volume, and density of the ring. In the periodic table Au is the symbol for Gold, it’s atomic number is 79. The Properties of Matter are Mass, Weight, Volume, and Length. Each property has its own way of working with different types of things. It is believed that the material of the crown in this study is fake gold because gold has the imprint of the karats and the crown ring didn’t have it.

Methods The way I studied the crown was by first figuring out if it was gold or not. That wasn't so good because it took a long time to know if it was real or fake gold. I took a gold ring that I knew right away it was gold, and compared it to the crown ring. The way my table mates and I also studied the crown ring was by measuring the mass which is getting the information of how much matter is in the ring, volume to know the how much space of substance it took, the density of the ring which is dividing the mass and volume of the ring, and last but not least we tested the ring to see if it was magnetic by having different types of magnets and putting the ring on the magnets to see if it would stay or not. To measure the mass of the ring we got a scale and placed the ring on the scale. Measuring volume was by filling up a graduate cylinder to a certain
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Doing each measurement on the crown ring was important because we developed what we’ve learned so far in class and show off our skills in how we get the mass, volume, and density for a specific object. What I learned from each test was knowing how to measure the crown ring in certain ways to not get the correct, exact number but at least be close to the number that it

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