Goinggreen Essay

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Going Green Improving for a Better Tomorrow

Brandi Long 04/21/2015 E227 Global Solutions’


To: Global Solutions Management
From: Brandi Long
Date: April 20, 2015
Subject: Going green to improve for a better tomorrow

Attached is a report that was requested in regards to Global Solutions going green in order to reduce our Carbon Footprint. After reading this attachment, you will see the many benefits that are offered and how the methods are easily assessable in order for our company to follow for an improved greener living community.

The changes will require efforts from both employees and superiors to make
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With this said, the advantages have also caused many disadvantages in our Earth’s environment, the toxics caused from the landfills and emissions that can ultimately hurt our Earth. We should start implementing changes to our recycling, reusing and solar energy saving changes. E227 Global Solutions need to take a part and help decrease the dangers of Carbon Footprint.
In the past Carbon Footprint has increased pollution in our environment. Currently our landfills are filling quickly, which will make matters so much worse for future. If we do not get involved, we may all suffer long term health issues and damage our Earth.

Statement of Purpose

Going green is an opportunity and best way our community can get involved, in order to save our Earth and maintain sustainability for the future.

Sources and Methods

Listed below is a great set of recommendations that can prepare E227 Global Solutions for going green:

• http://www.lasvegascolor.com/what-are-green-printing-inks-and-should-you-use-them/- Here you should give your Web addresses titlesThis was informative information as to why using recycled and recycling ink cartridges is eco friendly.

• http://www.capitalmds.com/blog/go-green-recycling-cartridges- This website explained in depth more about recycling and reusing ink cartridges.

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