Going Green With Sprint Emerging Solutions Essay

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At Sprint, corporate responsibility is part of a long-term, strategic approach in which business opportunities operate in sync with social, economic and environmental responsibilities. Sprint continues to lead the industry in setting and achieving transparent, aggressive, measurable sustainability goals. From continuing to expand our portfolio of eco-friendly devices and accessories; to continuing to take steps to reduce our GHG; to collaborating with our vendors to green our supply chain; to increasing device collection rates for wireless recycling and reuse, we are making great progress.

With rising energy demand and limited resources, M2M is emerging as a powerful tool in promoting sustainability. M2M can enhance productivity, improve security and safety (such as driver safety), reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint. See how key M2M growth segments, such as Connected Transportation, Smart Grid and Utilities contribute to Sprint’s efforts to go green and lead the way for our industry.

Sprint M2M technology is literally changing the way we work and live…


Key Talking Points:

1. Sprint’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology goes “beyond the handset” to make a positive impact on people-safety, environmental, business efficiency and cost-saving solutions throughout all walks of life.
i. Greener earth by helping reduce carbon footprints ii. Safer drivers by improving drivers’ habits and…

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