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Executive Summary
Tesla Motors is among the top 25 companies “going green” for our economy. Tesla motors is a venture aimed at proving that cars can be environmentally friendly, without giving up the speed and power, purchasers love. The cost of running this amazing, green driving machine is a mere 2 cents per mile. (Ryan, 2008) Tesla Motors is a company looking to produce a high-performance electric sports car, and is backed by a number of high-profile investors. Introduced in June 2006 to the public complete with a test drive by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Tesla Roadster is able to go from 0 to 60 in 4
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As oil reserves dwindle, gas prices will go up and vehicles will be able to be used much less frequently. The impacts of this on both the environment and the global economy are going to be absolutely catastrophic. (Endre, 2012) So by going green, this company will do what they can to ensure oil reserves will not be completely depleted.
If Tesla Motors is able to recognize economic success, the company will be better positioned to give back. The simple idea of reducing emissions, involves projecting a sense of social responsibility towards the people of the world. Providing alternative eco-friendly products (electric car) will reinforce Tesla’s commitment to preserving natural resources, while exemplifying the need to be socially responsible. By making the decision to expand their electric car suite, Tesla Motors is taking a step in the right direction towards social responsibility. Tesla’s fully electric (not a hybrid) motor does not produce the harmful emissions that are rampant within the traditional automobile industry (Tesla Motors, 2012). By developing electric vehicles, Tesla Motors will be able to add an environmentally effective product to the market while limiting harmful emissions in the earth’s atmosphere.

Economic Upside
Over the next seven years, the federal government will spend $7.5 billion on policies to boost the U.S. electric-vehicle industry. But a new report from the

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