Going Green Is A Simple Way Of Being More Economically Friendly

817 Words Nov 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Initially hearing the word “green” what first comes to mind is the color. Other times one might think, in response to a home, automatically of a greenhouse. However, in this particular instance when you read the word “green” it is in reference to “going-green”. For my Home Planning class, taught by Professor Holmes, we are required to do a Green Research Paper. This assignment not only helps us gain research but also insight on the proper ways and elements of going green. From this assignment I have learned a variety of ways in which one can go about remodeling or reconstructing to go green. Going green is a simple way of being more economically friendly. Building a “green” home consists of the usage of recycling, remodeling, and sustainable materials to ensure an economically friendly home environment. From not only correct usage of the building materials but also the building methods play are essential and must be sustainable in the home. In having this commitment to our environment, our homes must also be dedicated to being sustainably made up. In manufacturing a home that has a low impact in living in it, the residents there have a higher quality of life.
For those unfamiliar, such as myself before this project, with how to go about building a Green Home, Deltechomes, at Deltechomes.com, provides great knowledge and tools of how to successfully tackle building a Green Home. You can use renewable energy, solar roofs, avert unused leftover remains from construction, as…

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