Godiwalla Research Paper

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In four-hundred and sixty million years ago in the Ordovician era the plates are moving again and a new continent is formed called godiwalla. There should be plants and animals now because of the oxygen level, but there is only one reason why there isn’t any life on land yet, the sun. The sun is blasting the earth with deadly radiation, life on earth would not survive at all. With thirty miles from the earth 's surface the oxygen meets the sun 's radiation it forms another gas called the ozone. The ozone layer forms a blanket like layer that shields the earth, this thickens and without this life would not be on earth this very day. The Silurian and the Ordovician era was sort of in the same type of period it didn’t really state what happened …show more content…
The fish was jawless and there became life on land and there were vascular plant fossils and a lot more coral reefs. There were more mountains and they were growing and got more stronger, there also became more continents that kinda scattered.
In three-hundred and seventy five million years ago, in the Devonian, Mississippian, and Pennsylvanian eras, there is a new species created, tatolic, it uses its neck to raise itself up and its fins function its legs allowing it to move out of the water. This creature spends most of its life on land more than water. The earth has finally developed real tall trees on dry land now. The plants on the earth are mosses and ferns, they are everywhere and there are so many of them. Over hundred feet tall the wind carries the seeds to land somewhere else, they do not need to be supplied with water. This seed
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They are creatures that are the ancestors of today 's turtles. A large amount pressure came from underneath the earth’s crust, the ground gets hotter and hotter and then lava spews out of the ground from the earth’s crust. Lava isn’t just from one volcano, the whole earth is erupting, the mantle rising from the middle of the earth pushes through the earth 's crust filling the surface, the lizards now are dead. On the other side of the earth lava hasn’t came through yet but they are getting the ashes from the massive lava eruption. The ashes are killing the animals and suffocating them. The ashes are called the sulfur dioxide and its filling the earth 's atmosphere, and the sulfur dioxide turns into sulfuric acid and burns anything that it falls on. This is causing the atmosphere to get hotter and dry up water, and the vegetation dies. Life on earth is being wiped out, even in the ocean life is dieing. As the atmosphere is increasing its temperature its taking all the oxygen from the ocean and turning the water pink. There are little bubbles that are coming out of the earth 's crust that is a gas which is called a methane gas. The methane gas is a greenhouse gas and its twenty times more deadly than carbon dioxide. Until the temperature has risen the greenhouse effect is melting it and it rises up into the atmosphere and it makes the temperature to go up even farther than

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