Essay on God's Way Against the Worlds

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Dating: God’s Way Against the World’s
Tiffany R. Jones
Liberty University


The subject of dating according to the way of the Lord is isn’t something that is often approached. However, it is very important that Christians apply biblical principals when approaching dating relationships. It is unfortunate that even believers have dismissed the way that the Lord intended for us to establish relationships. As a result, there are an increased number of couples that have become comfortable with dating and choosing to avoid marriage. Whether it’s a dating relationship or a simple friendship, the God should be the foundation. By making sure that things are done the way that the Lord directed, there will be many more healthy
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This could mean that the potential person must have a certain job or a specific level of education to make them satisfied. In the secular world, dating someone based on their relationship with the Lord is very rare.
Another major difference is that in many cases, the secular world sometimes become complacent with just dating. After choosing their mate, they are comfortable “playing house” or enjoying the perks that married couples do. They find no fault in living together, having sex and even starting a family without committing to marriage and they justify their actions by saying that “By living together before marriage, we’ll know how compatible we are.” This logic ignores 1 Corinthian 7:9 (New International Version) that says “But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.”
In my opinion, there should be a combination of things to consider when choosing a mate. I think that it is very important that Christians choose mates who are also Christians. Doing so will make it easier to stay clean before the Lord. When two people have the same goal, there will be no pressure to do something that takes you off of the course of meeting that goal successfully. I also believe that the individuals should be physically attracted to each other. In addition, there should be a genuine friendship. C. Pulse seems to believe that a couple should remain

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