God 's Power : The Religious Quest Essay

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God’s Power
The Religious Quest
According to Merriam-Webster theodicy is “defense of God’s goodness and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil” (“Merriam- Webster”, n.d.). Omnipotence is having great power with no limitations. For He is the only one who has the great power because he is all knowing and all good. There is an existence of evil because of original sin, superiority of God, and absence of good.
Free Will
God lets us choose from good and evil in order for us to have free will. Free will is defined as the power of acting without constraint, because God lets us do this we are able to have our own definitions of good and evil. People have different views of good and evil because of what we have grown up to believe in and what society has taught us over the years. For example, in the time of Christ it was considered normal to stone or crucify somebody for his or her actions that would not be considered normal today. Today, the death penalty would be considered something more merciful than a stoning or a crucifixion. This is something that is also very debatable because some people believe that the death penalty is fair and others don’t. This proves how we have been raised and what we have been taught to believe reflects on our actions towards good and evil.
Original Sin
The existence of evil began when Adam and Eve took a bite of the apple. It was basically like the opening of Pandora’s box where all the evil things begin to fly out. If that had…

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