God 's Only Son : The Holy Spirit Essay

1490 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
The Holy Spirit is often discounted in the Trinity, leaving the Father and the Son. We always hear and read a lot about the work of the Father and the Son, but the work of the Holy Spirit is often ignored. However, the Holy Spirit is always working in us. Even though people often forget about the Holy Spirit, it plays a huge role in the Church today.
I think the Holy Spirit is often discounted as a member of the Trinity because people do not understand the role it plays in their lives. It is easy to grasp the concept that God the Father created us and the world. God is often the person we pray to so it is unlikely that we would discount him from the Trinity. In addition to that Jesus is God’s only son. We hear countless stories about the Son of God. We know he was sent to save us from original sin. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas and the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. The role of God and Jesus Christ in the Trinity are easy for most people to understand. Contrary to that, the role of the Holy Spirit is more complex. I think people do not understand what the Holy Spirit does, and little do they know how important it is in the Trinity and the Church.
The Holy Spirit has always been present in the world, and it plays an important role in salvation history. We can understand how God saved us from sin through salvation history. It begins with God creating the world and all the creatures in it. After the fall of humanity due to original sin, God sent his only son…

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