God 's Life After Death Essay

1403 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
People from all over the world believe in some form of resurrection or a life after. This religious doctrine has mandated our lives and guide our religious experiences. No one wants to think about what might happen after death. That after we die all the suffering and the hard work we have done will vanish only to be in the memories to a few. Life is so fleeting but death is permanent. This though has brought a lot of people to religion because they are promised a life after death. When I was part of my evangelism team, I remember they would always tell me to emphasise that those who do not believe will burn in hell and suffer for all eternity but those who accept the gift and the spirit of God will live forever in happiness. This is exactly what NT Wright in his book Hope tries to dismantle. The idea of the life after death, is it really as cut and dry as it may seem? Or is this just what we have been conditioned to believe because of the lack of clarity in the bible on life after death. This idea of the afterlife has brought in a lot of people to christ and has paved the way to our faith and our journey with God. I have always been confused on the subject of resurrection and what will happen with life after I die. No matter how many times I ask my pastors or leaders no one truly knows what will happen. It is terrifying to preach or tell other about something you do not truly understand. How are we supposed to bring people closer to God if we do not know what is the plan…

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