God 's Attributes Of Justice Essay

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GOD’S ATTRIBUTES OF JUSTICE This paper will attempt to demonstrate God’s attributes of justice through His never failing love. Many people associate justice with punishment and leave no room for love. One example of God’s attributes is how He reveals His love to the unjust with mercy. God has shown this from Genesis to Revelations. However, for this paper the focus will be on one example of God’s mercy from the Old and New testament. Believers and non-believers alike seem to have fallen away from what God’s justice stood for and somehow either minimized God into conforming to personal emotional reality or maximizing Him as some sci-fi fairytale that is far beyond actuality. In the Old Testament God is portrayed as a God with vengeance on anyone that does not act in accordance with His rules and regulations. In the New Testament Christ came, not as some “mean old God,” but as a soft peaceful love all and accept all, no matter what people do. It is not so much emotion or anger that is evolved with God’s mercy or justice as much as it is to eradicate evil from humans by providing salvation to His people. To better understand this paper it would be beneficial to first look at Gods attributes in a spiritual and human stance on justice. In Isaiah 45:21 God is to be understood as being able to give justice and be a savior to the unjust, this ability also separates God from other forms of God’s. Justice can be defined as a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for…

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