God We Trust : Freedom Religion Of Public Schools Essay

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Provisional Title
“In God We Trust: Freedom Religion in Public Schools”
This title was chosen to examine and understand the extent in which teachers and students can express their beliefs, and the extent to which schools allow religion to be tolerated. I chose the title “In God We Trust” because it is the official motto of the United States, yet it directly correlate’s with the controversy of separation of church and state. As an American citizen we have the right to freedom of religion, but the constitution is vague in what extent freedom of religion is acceptable.
It’s been over 50 years since the Supreme Court ruled in outlawing school sponsored prayer. When it comes to religion, public schools have to abide to two legal requirements that basically say to “let it be, yet push it away.” These are extremely debated because unlike private schools, public schools are tied to the constitution. The argument being made by some Americans is federal courts, and civil liberties activists are making an effort to exclude God and religious teachings from public schools as violation of our first amendment. According to a national poll done by the Pew Research Center, over 2/3 of Americans favor looser limits on religion in schools, and favor a deeper teaching of creationism and evolution. This project looks to investigate and understand the importance of keeping religion relevant in public schools, and at the same time how public schools should address religion…

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