Conegliano God The Father Analysis

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The painting of God the Father represents different aspects of faith that have been around since the creation of Christian based religions. God is always above humanity. God is always watching. God is omnipotent. And God is inherently morally just. These are some of the different aspects depicted by the above picture and have been a primary focus for Judaism or Christian based religions. There are always perspective limitations to each of the focuses of the painting and its implied concepts.
God is always above humanity, as he is the creator. Nobody, who is religious, views that they are above God or beyond his reach. These are the limitations that a religious person bind themselves to this principle. They know that they are a
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Conegliano displays a figure that takes on the appearance that resembles a father figure. And he accurately take into account for the life expectancy of the Fifteenth or Sixteenth father figure for the time period (Unknown, 2016). This plays a two part relation as to what an omnipotent father can account for and what a human father can account for. The omnipotent father has the ability to reach out and change an infinite possibility of things on many different levels. The human father can only touch what is physically within his means of control. If the two perspectives where to be combined it would lead anyone to believe that the omnipotent father could only control what is in an individual’s physical, spiritual, and visual …show more content…
His location, is heaven or in the clouds. This gives locality to his presence and creates a barrier between him and his children. This allows for it meaning to take on different perspective values. One would be that in the time period the sky would have been the statute of power, lord ship. The other would be the distance, as it would mean achieve my embrace through times natural course. This had a limit of time because humans have surpassed this milestone, the sky, by its exploration of space. By reaching beyond the known atmosphere it has grown beyond the proverbial means or traditional boundaries of God’s predefined existence. To which has limited the usefulness of God as now humans can be defined by laws and regulations the build and

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