God The Creator Of The World Essay

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The bible, at first were limited to those of higher class. The reason being that most of society was illiterate, it was mainly religious officials who were educated. Hence, manuscripts could be seen as the poor man’s bible, giving visuals to understand the word of God. Take for instance ‘God the Creator of the World’, this piece was one of the first manuscripts that were part of bible Moralisee, a type of bible that made the text secondary and the illustration was the focal point (Oxford Art Online). This piece illustrate a part of the story of creation in the Old Testament, more specifically the book of Genesis, however this manuscript seemed to take a more loose interpretation. Rather than showing God create everything as a day by day process, the sun, moon stars and then the Earth, “God the Creator of the World’ depicted God methodically creating the universe with the aid of geometry, showing God as a Geometer. (Gardner’s Art Through the Ages) This piece went against what was typically seen as a moralized bible piece, skimping out on the explanations of moral significance. The piece based itself off of philosophies from Plato (Tachau) blending scientific learnings with religious context, which does make one question whether or not this piece was meant to illustrate for its religious purpose or from a more scientific aspect, seeing God as Geometer.To boot, interestingly, contradictory to the original purpose of manuscripts, the Bible Moralisee was intended for more…

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