Short Essay On Christian Worldview

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To understand the Christian Worldview is to know God: who He is and what He means to Christians. In the beginning, God is the sole creator and ruler of the heavens and the earth, the creatures that dwell upon the earth, and all things seen and unseen. A “God who is to be feared, known, and loved as the sovereign Creator of the universe to whom all glory, honor, and praise belong” (Diffey, n.d., para. 9). To Christians, there is but only one God, however, he exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, known as the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is to the Christian Worldview because it provides an understanding of how all three persons played a part in the creation, spread, and sustainment of Christianity. There is the Father, who created all things and gave …show more content…
He is a physical representation of God to which humans can relate to on a personal level because He lived as we live, saw what we see, and suffered as we suffer. Even though He was a man, He was no ordinary man. He was born from a virgin mother and placed on earth to be the Word of God. Through His teachings, Christians gained the knowledge and wisdom of what it means to be an honest and good Christian. He preached about God’s Love, the Kingdom of God, how to express and demonstrate love for God, to know and obey God’s commandments, and to have faith in Him and God. However, to the Christian Worldview, Jesus is so much more than a teacher, He is the Messiah, and our savior. His ultimate role on earth was to be man’s salvation by not only being crucified on the cross for our sins but by also rising from the dead and ascending to heaven to sit by His Father. However, the redemption of humanity is not the end of the story, human nature at its very core is subject to sin. There needs to be restoration, a “renewal of all creatures, particularly humanity, to the worship of God” (Merrick, n.d. para.

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