Essay on God Is The Intelligent Designer

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Because God always existed in reality and understanding, created the universe and things in the universe, God is also the Intelligent Designer (will use Creator as a shorter term).
If something exists, it has an intended purpose because it was created by God, who neither requires or needs a purpose to exist nor to have a purpose for things to exist. All things that exist or will exist in the universe were created by God for a puipose. Whether a specific or undefined purpose is irrelevant to human reasoning, the Creator has a purpose for all things and therefore, all things were created by God for a distinct purpose. Let us examine this argument to establish that: 1.) God is God and 2.) God is also the Creator of the universe and created purposeful things (humans, trees, stars, nature, etc.), but directly created a purposeful, self sustaining, self-developing universe in order to contain all existing things. The following premises argue these findings:
Premise 1: In order to have purpose, something must be intended to play a certain role.
Premise 2: Things that are or will have a purpose must have a universe to exist in.
Premise 3: The universe, which contains all purposeful things created indirectly by the Creator, were created directly by the Creator for all things to exist in.
Conclusion: Therefore, all things with a purpose must have an intelligent designer (God-Creator).
We begin with Premise 1. All things that exist have an intended purpose (and also have…

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