Essay about God Is Our Protector And Has The Best Plan For Us

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Psalm 23: 1-4 are a frequently quoted set of verses of a poetic nature. These verses are recognized to have been written by David and they use an analogy of the shepherd to describe God’s relationship to us. As we break down this passage into its verses and phrases we can find that this verse is still relevant to us today even though it was said so long ago.

For the ancient Israelites, the image of a shepherd was a common understanding in their culture. Exodus 3:1, 1 Samuel 16:19 and 2 Kings 3:4 all speak of people in the Old Testament who worked as shepherds and this lets us see that they would have had an understanding of what a shepherd did. David’s use in this Psalm of the analogy of God as the shepherd was a great way for him to explain to the ancient Israelites at the time that God is our protector and has the best plan for us.

As C. Spurgeon points out in his exposition on Psalm 23 , the shepherd owns the sheep and they belong to him. When the Ancient Israelites read this they understood that David was saying that we belong to God and even though we may turn away from him and get lost, it was still his responsibility to take care of us and look out for us. Using the image of a shepherd and his sheep was a practical way that David could easily explain the concept of God’s love to everyone.

Although these days most of us are not shepherds by profession and some of us may have never even seen a sheep, these verses are still a great way to…

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