Essay about God Is Not Only A Real Thing

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In Life of Pi, it is made very clear that God is not only a real thing, but a huge part of life. In the author’s note, the first few pages said, “I have a story to make you believe in God” (X). That made is very clear to the reader that this story would involve people that not only believe in God, but embrace it. In this book, the main character struggles with the concept of religion. Pi grows up in a Hindu household. However, he struggles with the idea of the religion and tries to combine multiple religions. Life of Pi shows that not only can God exist, but he plays a huge role in our lives. God is real and he is always with everyone. Even though he can not be seen, he is powerful enough to affect everyone’s life.
In Life Of Pi, a reason for God existing that continues to come up is because he is there to comfort everyone. In Pi’s case, he needed a lot of comforting because he was very scared early on in the book. When Pi lost his family on the boat due to the accident, he needed someone to comfort him in the middle of the entire ocean. This person was God. However before he even was put in the position when he was stuck in the middle of nowhere, he still needed God to comfort him. As a child, Pi struggled a lot with different religions. Growing up in a Hindu household, he was expected to be a Hindu and follow their traditions. Nevertheless, Pi found it very difficult to believe in many of the things that Hindu’s typically believe in. As a result, he wanted…

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