God Is Dead By Kant Essay

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Kant pronounced the need of the set of tenets of behavior and regulations which would give us the chance to settle on the right decision. This capacity to choose which looks like freedom from the first site swings to be a liability on the shoulder of the humankind as opportunity means obligation. Kant states that better or more terrible, activities can be performed to accomplish the more terrible or better result and this places us in the position of good situation where picking worse, one can hurt others and the other way around. Also, the activities we perform after these reflections and contemplations are resisted as moral activities by Kant. Moral activities for him are the activities, where reasons stay sooner than takes after and where we consider others (Frierson14). Friedrich Nietzsche was a German savant known for his radical thoughts and blunt faultfinders of the established philosophical thought. "God is dead" is an expression from his composition which mirrors his radical demeanor to religion and morals. Nietzsche expressed that religion, theory and what is most vital in humankind were executed by the customary estimations of society. The lifestyle and social association have led to the demolition and deterioration of moral values and essential human qualities. He needed to make an era on new individuals as supermen or Overman free from the false ethical quality. Our ethical judgments and assessments are just pictures and dreams taking into account a…

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